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Xtra Power

An amino acid-based solution for crop bio-stimulation with high organic carbon (OC) content:

  • Positively influences the physiological activities of the plant.

  • Improves the overall nutrient use efficiency.

  • Enhances tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress.

  • Increases the general growth and development.


XTRA Power is an amino acid-based solution for crop bio-stimulation formulated to enhance tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress (e.g. extreme weather conditions, field practices and management), and to improve nutrient use efficiency regardless the nutrients contents of soil and amendments it also improves growth and development, which would increase yield and quality traits. To improve the overall performance of crops, the formula is a meticulous integration of protein hydrolysates well-known for their anti-stress properties and nutrition use and uptake, of which organic carbon (OC), the main source of energy for soil microorganisms. The added organo-mineral nitrogen (N) is to control the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio (C/N ratio), which determines carbon quality and availability, and regulates decomposition and fertility in soils.The amino acids are the precursors and constituents of proteins in plant metabolism under stress conditions.


XTRA Power is compatible with most soluble fertilisers, crop nutrients and amendments, herbicides and pesticides. Before using previously untried mixes, we strongly recommend performing a compatibility test on a small sample.


XTRA Power is ideal for 2-3 foliar applications, on all crops, whenever they show stress symptoms related to agricultural practices (ploughing, before or after weed control, etc.) or to climate conditions (freezing, hail, etc.), at any growth stage. If needed, the product could also be used by fertigation.

Crop Fertigation Foliar* Growth Stage
Field Crops 3-6 L/ha 200-300 mL/100 L All stages
Vegetables 4-8 L/ha 250-400 mL/100 L All stages
Trees 5-10 L/ha 250-500 mL/100 L All stages
Protected Agriculture 0.5-2 L/1000 m2 100-500 mL/100 L All stages
* The rates are calculated considering a volume of 500-600 L of mixed solution per hectare for foliar use.


Liquid fertiliser, dark brown colour, pH 6, density 1.25 g mL-1.


1 Litre bottle, 5 and 20 Litres tank.