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The liquid products include highly soluble micro-nutrients formulas, complexed with a natural coating agent (ammonium lignosulfonate) to make the product more stable over a wider pH range and to give a superior performance with foliar application and a greater protection of minerals when applied in fertigation. This complexing technique helps reduce solution viscosity and protects from leaf burns. It also gives good distribution of the micro-nutrients over the leaf surface without the need for additional adjuvants. If foliar application is done correctly, visual results can be quickly observed. The liquid micro-nutrients help preventing and curing multiple micro deficiencies related to the inhibition of absence of micro-nutrients. They activate the plant metabolic effectiveness to create the kind of healthy development needed in the growing season to increase yield and quality, overcoming the limitations of the soil.

The liquid products include also crop bio-stimulants for different growth stages (Root elongation, anti-stress and fruit maturation). They trigger the biological activity of crops, they enhance tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress (e.g. extreme weather conditions, field practices and management), and they improve nutrient use efficiency regardless the nutrients contents of soil and amendments. They also improve growth and development, which would increase yield and quality traits.

  • Wide ranges of micro-nutrients & bio-stimulants
  • Complexed with a natural coating agent
  • Reduce distribution losses and improve leaves absorption
  • Prevent and correct multiple micro deficiencies
  • Positively influence the physiological activities of the crop
  • Improve the overall nutrient use efficiency
  • Enhance tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress
  • Increase the general growth and development

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More info