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FERTISOL is a line of water-soluble NPK studied to supply the best nutrient ratio for all irrigated crops according the specific growth stages. FERTISOL formulas are made from premium raw materials and chelated EDTA micro-nutrients, added to complete nutritional needs of plant and the constant prevention of related micro-deficiencies. Most of the formulas contain also important amounts of SO3 an important element for the demobilisation of the mineral elements of the soil. FERTISOL formulas are characterised by low-pH and once in solution promote the assimilation of nutrients by root system. In the FERTISOL range of products there are more than 20 available formulas divided in 5 groups according to their composition.

  • Complete portfolio of water-soluble NPK

  • High purity and solubility

  • Low in chloride, sodium and carbonate

  • Quick and complete plant adsorption

  • EDTA chelated micro-nutrients

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