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Xtra Iron

XTRA IRON is a fast-acting, highly soluble, homogeneously spread and quickly absorbed liquid formula with high content of complexed iron:

  • Prevents and corrects multiple micro iron related deficiencies.

  • Complexed with a natural coating agent: more efficiency and no risks.

  • Reduces distribution losses and improves leaves absorption.


XTRA IRON is a fast-acting, highly soluble, homogeneously spread and quickly absorbed liquid formula of complexed micronutrients, with high iron, which is an essential component of two major groups of proteins involved in respiratory and photosynthetic activity of plants. XTRA IRON helps correct iron deficiency and prevent iron chlorosis (Lime-induced chlorosis, Stress chlorosis, etc.), more likely to occur in alkaline conditions or under some field management practices (Soil compaction, Low oxygenation, High P and Cu fertilisation, etc.). The micronutrients are complexed with a natural coating agent (ammonium lignosulphonate) to make the product more stable over a wider pH range and to give a superior performance with foliar application and a greater protection of the mineral when applied in fertigation. This complexing technique, due to its natural source in symbiosis with the crop tissues, helps reduce solution viscosity and solution insolubility, and protects from leaf burns and other phytotoxicities. It also gives good distribution of the element over the leaf surface without the need for additional adjuvants.


XTRA IRON is ideal for foliar use as well as by fertigation, on all crops and at any growth stage. Use 1-2 applications at the first signs of deficiencies. The rates indicated are only indicative.

Crop Fertigation Foliar* Growth Stage
Vegetables 4-6 L/ha 180-250 mL/100 L Vegetative growth and fruit set
Trees 8-10 L/ha 200-300 mL/100 L Petal fall and fruit set
Protected Agriculture 0.5-1 L/1000 m2 150-200 mL/100 L Vegetative growth and fruit set
* For foliar use, do not exceed 1000 L per hectare of diluted solution.


XTRA IRON is compatible with most soluble fertilisers and pesticides, except alkaline/copper products, phosphorus, sulphur and oil based products. Before using previously untried mixes, we strongly recommend performing a compatibility test on a small sample.


Liquid fertiliser, dark brown colour, pH 3-4, density 1.40 g mL-1.


1 Litre bottle, 5 and 25 Litres tank.