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  • Granular fertiliser high in N

P2O5 K2O CaO
N 30
30 24 6 - - - - - 20 - -
NPK 29-5-5 + TE
29 24 5 5 4 5 - 2 12 - 0.5
NPK 22-8-11 S
22 16 6 8 7 11 - - 18 - -
NPK 21-7-14 + TE 21 15 6 7 6 14 - - 11 0.1 -
NPK 15-7-6 OM
15 8 6 7 6 6 2 2 18    
NAC+Ws: Soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water.
Ws: Water-soluble.
The products followed by the letter 'S' are SOP based products with low chlorine content.
The product followed by ‘OM’ is organo-mineral and contains 1% organic nitrogen (N) and 7.5% organic carbon (OC).


NUTRIMAX NITROGEN are complexed granular formulas with high nitrogen content in ureic and ammoniacal forms, an important component for a quick and long-lasting crop growth and involved in many other essential structural compounds in plant cells e.g. amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes, and the chlorophyll molecule. The nutrients are complexed with a patented technology, which confers an added protection to the fertilisers’ granules, which allows a controlled and progressive availability of nitrogen. It also reduces the pH of the product for a better uptake and decreases the variation in the granules size to ensure an even spreading pattern and improves their hardness and handling quality. The range is complemented with an organo-mineral product which adds to the soil a high content of organic carbon (OC), the main source of energy for soil microorganisms, which protects the mineral components improving its assimilation and uptake.


Crop Rates Growth Stage
Open field (fruits, vegetables, industrial crops, cut flowers) 200-1200 Kg/ha

Trees: Petal fall

Others: Establishment & Top dressing

Protected agriculture (greenhouse, glasshouse, etc.) 20-120 Kg/1000 m2 Establishment & Top dressing


Storage: Keep at ambient temperature of the warehouse, away from humidity, sun light and heat sources.

Aspect: Granular form

Colour: Grey

Granulometry: 2-5 mm (90%)

Packaging: Bulk, Big Bags and 50 Kg PE Bags

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